Emiliano Zucchini

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Emiliano Zucchini (Frascati 1982) is an italian artist based in Rome.
His artistic research has almost always been based on representing the unobservable, the imperceptible. Active artistically since the early 2000s with mainly video, photographic and digital experiments, around 2010 his expression focuses on the white and gray checkerboard pattern which in computer graphics represents non-colour, the absence of the pixel, the digital void. This new cycle will be called "Void".
In Emiliano Zucchini's artistic representation, the 'digital void' manifests itself as an intricate dimension in which lines and geometric shapes materialize from a white and gray checkerboard pattern. This concept of digital vacuum, although it may initially seem insubstantial, brings to mind the complexity of the vacuum of quantum physics where the vacuum is anything but energy-free: it is permeated by quantum fluctuations, virtual particles and energetic potentials. Just as the quantum vacuum is a dynamic reality, Zucchini's 'Void' becomes a space where the unobservable finds form and meaning.
Ilaria Bignotti writes: "A chessboard, white and grey, a neutral grid: it is the tabula rasa, full of possibilities, on which Emiliano Zucchini obsesses in tracing hypotheses of lines and geometric shapes of N dimensions and variations: two-dimensional in their translation into wall works, extruding outwards like sculptures hanging on the wall, or environments and installations made up of multiple compositional elements; sounding and isolation boxes where one can experience meditation and contemplation".
Since 2015, Zucchini has been experimenting with 3D printing, taking inspiration from the geometric compositions previously created on his works with the checkered pattern at the base. This latest series is called “Void Materia”.
His works are kept in important private and museum collections, such as: Tate Gallery Archives, London (UK);
MART, Rovereto (Italy); Collezione Palli, Prato (Italy); Museo MAAM, Roma (Italy); Museo MUSINF, Senigallia (Italy); Galleria Civica, Modena (Italy); Museo Nori De’Nobili, Trecastelli (Italy); Museo Epicentro, Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (Italy); Fondazione Berardelli, Brescia (Italy); Museo Hendrik Christian Andersen, Rome (Italy); Biblioteca Vallicelliana, Rome.
He exhibited at: La Triennale, Milano; Palazzo della Gran Guardia, Verona (Italy); Mole Vanvitelliana, Ancona (Italy); Castello Sforzesco, Milano (Italy); Studio Paolo Barozzi, Milano (Itaky); MART, Rovereto (Italy); GAMC, Viareggio (Italy); Sala Uno, Roma (Italy); Valmore Studio d’Arte, Vicenza (Italy); Fiesp Building, San Paolo (Brasil); Biz-Art Center, Shanagii (China); Spazio “Una vetrina”, Roma (Italy); Index Art Center, New York (USA); Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Di Sarro, Roma (Italy); Palazzo del Duca di Senigallia (Italy); Crane Art CenterPhiladelpia (USA); Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, San Marino (RSM); The Wrong Digital Biennale, Digital Art Biennial.

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